I have only begun

I am arriving. This is my path on my way to my dream. I am a carbonated bottle shaken and swollen, pressurized and about to explode!!!!!! Finally! I am at a place where I am combining what I hope for tomorrow into what I am doing today. Aligned and motivated, grounded and levitating on hope and joy! Daily, meeting so very many inspiring, smart, like-minded individuals who are openly receiving me!! We are geeking out over wool balls and soap nuts! This is great!

I have fought, scratched, pleaded, sacrificed and weighed out all the options and trade offs to be a self made entrepreneur in the small business world. My business? Educating and getting clean sustainable sourced organic home and body products into the hands and homes of masses. Leading by example locally while also following the tide of changing business practices down to the very amount waste produced in my production and packaging of product I craft. Showing those I encounter how easy it is to tweak home and hygiene habits that result in noticeable effective results without the use of synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals. New action by action, slowly restoring and preserving our amazing planet to a more pristine and loved home for all of us to thrive in. While I accept I cannot conquer world peace, I do recognize that we all are aware that our habits of consumption must change. I will be the first to say I am not a self proclaimed expert nor, do I lack room to improve and expand my awareness. I seek to learn more and I openly invite those who have knowledge on how to "do it better". It is not place to judge or criticize where yo

u are in your path or what works for you. I am merely a voice and vessel for the change that may seek. "Take from it what connects with you and leave the rest!" a dear friend and inspiration to me often says. Please if for no other reason than good merit, pass Blue Orchard Apothecary forward. Support and Help me so that I can continue to keep my heart full helping others and keeping the tide churning. my love and gratitude to all of you! :Darla

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